Fujifilm at Cambridge Breast Conference

The Fujifilm AMULET Innovality is a single, highly advanced mammography system that can be configured for all clinical mammography applications, including:

  • Dual-mode tomosynthesis, optimised for both screening and diagnostic mammography
  • S-view for fast transition between 2D and 3D mammography
  • CEDM energy subtraction processing
  • Stereotactic and tomo-guided biopsy with vertical and lateral options
  • Breast density detection Intelligent AEC including implant detection

The AMULET Innovality offers all of these functions in a single mammography unit, and all functions can be retro-fitted as demands on departments change over time.  When combined with standard features including unique HCP imaging technology, ISR iterative processing and Dynamic Vizualisation™ advanced image processing software, the AMULET Innovality offers a flexible mammography system that can adapt and evolve over time and in response to clinical needs.  Excellent image quality, fast workflow and dose optimisation enhance both the clinician and patient experience.       

The AMULET Innovality also offers design and technology which can significantly improve patient comfort.  Features including the new Comfort Comp function which uses hysteresis to de-compress the breast during exposure, the Fit Sweet compression paddle, fast workflow and ergonomic design all aid the clinician in providing a more comfortable patient experience and therefore an increased likelihood of regular screening attendance.  Fujifilm is passionate about improving screening rates in the UK and is committed to reducing pain and discomfort for every woman during breast cancer screening. 

Fujifilm will also be holding their popular mammography workshops at the Cambridge Conference.  Delegates will be invited to attend a series of sessions focused on the successful CEDM programme which has been established at Bangor Hospital and led by Dr Andrew Gash.  Bookings for the workshops can be made in advance via the Cambridge Conference website or at the Fujifilm stand during the event.

Fujifilm Mobile Mammography Unit

Fujifilm are excited to be launching their new Mobile Mammography Unit at the International Cambridge Conference on Breast Cancer Imaging in July.  The new mammography trailer will feature the AMULET Innovality, which can be used for either screening or symptomatic mammography.  Dual mode tomosynthesis functionality and flexible design means the AMULET Innovality offers a single system which can be adapted for the full range of clinical mammography applications. 

When launched the mobile unit will be supporting Fujifilm customers to ensure patient services are maintained during transition to a new mammography room.  This will enable both training on the new system and service continuity to be provided on site, minimising disruption to both clinical staff and patients.  It will also offer an inclusive approach to procurement; instead of an off-site visit which only a small number of decision makers can attend, the mobile unit can ensure that all clinicians can experience the AMULET Innovality at their site during the procurement process. 

The Bellus II workstation will be set up for demonstrations in the mobile unit, and a range of paddles and biopsy attachments will also be on display.

If you would like a tour of the Fujifilm Mobile Mammography Unit please speak to a member of the team on our stand.