This conference is held every two years, and we are fortunate to have world renowned experts in the field of breast imaging covering a wide range of highly topical issues. As in previous years, ICCBCI2019 emphasised on interactive and inter-disciplinary discussion that were lively and thought provoking. The conference venue, West Road Concert Hall provided significant space for both delegates and exhibitors, allowing us to make this a truly interactive event. The venue is also ideally situated just minutes’ walk from King’s College for our spectacular evening dinner which took place on Tuesday 2 July.

West Road Concert Hall
11 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DP
Tel: 01223 335184

West Road Concert Hall was built in 1978 by Sir Leslie Martin and is widely regarded as one of Cambridge’s premiere music venues. It is ideally situated only a few minutes’ walk away from the famous Cambridge Backs and King’s College.