2022 Programme

We are excited to highlight the range of topics and content on offer at our 2022 Conference.

Please see below for the programme.


Breast MRI 

Evaluation of the pre-operative breast – Dr Ruchi Sinnatamby, Cambridge, UK
Evaluation of the postoperative breast – Dr Nuala Healy, Cambridge. UK
Role of MRI in screening – Dr Ritse Mann, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
FAST/Abbreviated MRIProfessor Fiona Gilbert, Cambridge, UK
Interesting Interactive Breast MRI cases – Dr Penny Moyle and Dr Falak Masood, Cambridge, UK
How to make the most of……. Part 1 
Second look Ultrasound – Dr Anne Tardivon, Paris, France 
Localisations – Stereotactic, bracketing, Tag Localiser – Dr Vicky Ames, Norwich, UK
MRI guided biopsy – (TBC)
CESM – Vasiliki Papalouka, St Bart’s Hospital, London, UK
Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to AI – Professor Fiona Gilbert, Cambridge, UK

Evaluating Artificial Intelligence in Breast Cancer Screening – Sarah Hickman, Cambridge, UK

From retrospective to prospective studies of AI in breast screening – Fredrik Strand, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
An Introduction to Radiomics in Breast Imaging – Dr Ramona Woitek, Vienna, Austria
Metastatic Breast cancer
Update on new treatment strategies for patients with metastatic breast cancer – Dr Richard Baird, Cambridge, UK
Indications for Staging of breast cancer – Dr James Tanner, Cambridge, UK
Reporting Metastatic breast cancer imaging – what the MDT really wants to know – Dr Penelope Moyle, Cambridge, UK
Whole body MRI – Dr Katja de Paepe, Cambridge, UK
How to make the most of……. Part 2
Tomosynthesis – Dr Michael Michell, Cambridge, UK
Imaging of the Axilla – Dr Fleur Kilburn- Toppin, Cambridge UK
Vacuum assisted excision – Dr Nisha Sharma, Leeds, UK
Breaking bad news – Dr Ruchi Sinnatamby, Cambridge, UK
UK Breast Imaging Trials: rationale, current evidence and trial progress
Nostra – Professor Iain Lyburn, Cheltenham, UK
DCIS Trials – Dr Matthew Wallis, Cambridge, UK
PROSPECTS – Dr Michael Michell, London, UK
SMALL – Dr Stuart McIntosh, Belfast, UK
AgeX – Dr Julietta Patnick, Oxford, UK
BRAID – Professor Fiona Gilbert, Cambridge, UK
Keynote Lecture
Breast imaging:  The outlook for the next 10 years – Ritse Mann
Complaints/Legal issues
Duty of Candour – What does it mean for me? – Dr Jim Steel, Plymouth, UK
PALS complaint – What should I do if the Trust asks me to respond to a complaint/PALS enquiry? – Ms Sue Bennison, Cambridge, UK
Claims management/Learning for safety improvement – Dr Denise Chaffer, NHS Resolution London, UK
Causation in breast cancer – Mr Gordon Wishart, Cambridge, UK
Reflective learning: Interpreting challenging cases
Interactive case presentations – Mrs Kathryn Taylor, Cambridge, UK