We are excited to highlight the range of topics and content on offer at our 2022 Conference.

Please see below for the programme.



Tuesday 13th September 

09.10 – 10.50 Breast MRI 
Role of MRI in breast screening – Dr Ritse Mann, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Monitoring response to chemotherapy – Professor Fiona Gilbert, Cambridge, UK
Evaluation of the pre-operative breast  – Dr Ruchi Sinnatamby, Cambridge, UK
Evaluation of the postoperative breast  – Dr Nuala Healy, Cambridge, UK
11.20 – 12.40 How to make the most of……. Part 1 
Second look Ultrasound – Dr Anne Tardivon, Paris, France
Localisations – Stereotactic, bracketing, Tag Localiser – Dr Vicky Ames, Norwich, UK
CESM – Dr Vasiliki Papalouka, St Bart’s Hospital, London, UK
13.30 – 15.00 Artificial Intelligence
 Introduction to AI – Professor Fiona Gilbert, Cambridge, UK
Summary of AI Studies – Dr Sarah Hickman, Cambridge, UK
From retrospective to prospective studies of AI in breast screening – Dr Fredrik Strand, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
An Introduction to Radiomics in Breast Imaging – Dr Ramona Woitek, Vienna, Austria
15.30 – 17.10 Complaints/Legal issues
Duty of Candour – What does it mean for me? – Dr Jim Steel, Plymouth, UK
PALS complaint – What should I do if the Trust asks me to respond to a complaint/PALS enquiry? – Ms Sue Bennison, Cambridge, UK
Claims management/Learning for safety improvement – Dr Denise Chaffer, NHS Resolution London, UK
Causation in breast cancer – Professor Gordon Wishart, Cambridge, UK
17.10 – 17.50 
The Origins of the Racial Disparity in US Breast Cancer Mortality – Professor Ismail Jatoi

Wednesday 14th September 

08.30 – 10.20 UK Breast Imaging Trials: rationale, current evidence and trial progress
Nostra – Professor Iain Lyburn, Cheltenham, UK
DCIS Trials – Dr Matthew Wallis, Cambridge, UK
PROSPECTS – Dr Michael Michell, London, UK
SMALL – Dr Stuart McIntosh, Belfast, UK
AgeX – Dr Julietta Patnick, Oxford, UK
BRAID – Professor Fiona Gilbert, Cambridge, UK
10.50 – 12.30 How to make the most of……. Part 2
Tomosynthesis – Dr Michael Michell, Cambridge, UK
Imaging of the Axilla – Dr Fleur Kilburn- Toppin, Cambridge UK
Vacuum assisted excision – Dr Nisha Sharma, Leeds, UK
Breaking bad news – Dr Ruchi Sinnatamby, Cambridge, UK
13.30 – 14.00 Keynote Lecture
Breast imaging:  The outlook for the next 10 years – Dr Ritse Mann
14.00 – 15.00 – Reflective learning: Interpreting challenging cases
Interactive case presentations – Mrs Kathryn Taylor, Cambridge, UK
Interactive case presentations – Dr Penelope Moyle and Dr Falak Masood, Cambridge, UK
15:00 16:20 – Metastatic Breast Cancer
Update on new treatment strategies for patients with metastatic breast cancer – Dr Richard Baird, Cambridge, UK
Indications for Staging of breast cancer – Dr James Tanner, Cambridge, UK
Reporting Metastatic breast cancer imaging – what the MDT really wants to know – Dr Penelope Moyle, Cambridge, UK